What Parents Say



"We were referred to Marsha's Music by a work colleague of mine. My daughter was one when we first started going to Music Together® classes (after trying other music classes). At the other music class we tried, she ran around and was completely uninterested in what was going on. She never showed an interest in the class or the music. Once we started Music Together class, she seemed equally uninterested. However, after only a few classes, she was humming the tunes, singing the songs and begging for me to play the CD nonstop. Now, my 3 month old daughter comes with us to Music Together. She is already "singing along" with the songs. If I could change one thing about my Music Together experience, it would be that I had found Music Together sooner for my older daughter so that she could have experienced the classes from day one as my younger daughter is able to do. Music Together introduces kids to music in a truly amazing way. I have no doubt that Music Together will change the way my daughters interact with music!" 

Mandy, mother of Mardi and Nora

"Marsha's Music has been a fabulous experience for our family. My four children love music, love to sing and dance and always enjoyed class. The music collections are excellent and the teachers are terrific."


"Music Together has been such a wonderful addition to the lives of our children as well as our family life. Both of our children (ages 18 months and 3 years) have developed their vocabulary, confidence and musicality through our Music Together classes. All of the instructors have been great...each having their own unique take on the material. In addition, we have made extraordinary use of the CDs both in the car and at home. The music from class seems to energize the kids when appropriate as well as act as a calming influence when needed. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Music Together and to have made it a part of my children's development for a year and a half."

Tiffany and Dan, parents of Zory

"I love the freedom and the flexibility of the classes.....I think it promotes a wonderful musical environment for children to develop their own musical sense!"

The Hendrix Family

"You'll be happy to know that in our travels this summer your CDs - especially flutes, sticks, and maracas - have been getting a lot of play. Claire loves the Hello Song so much it is even her preferred lullaby!"

Lisa, mother of Claire

"Yesterday Samuel and I were reading a book that was a song and the music and lyrics were in the back of it. So I started to sing it to him. Then he started tapping his knees and saying "hewo! hewo!" (Hello! Hello!), so I put the book down so we could sing the Hello Song. But he didn't want that...he wanted to look at the music of this other song WHILE we sang "hello"! So he doesn't quite understand that the notes are different for each song, but he is definitely making the connection that written music is very important for a song!

Melissa, mother of Samuel

"Our son has been involved in Music Together since he was 12 months old. Imagine my glee when I placed him for a nap in his crib and heard him singing "Trot Old Joe" from the next room. Even though he wasn't yet verbal, he was musical!"

Tracy, mom to Henry, 3

"Colin was always quite a 'singer'..........I could tell as early as he was 6 months as he'd flap his hands and stomp his feet in synchrony with music. Starting Music Together has had a phenomenal effect on him. He 'sings' even more, learns tunes a lot faster than before, and is generally much more into music. He's also benefited from interacting with other children on a weekly basis. As a parent, it's been extremely rewarding to develop a "musical language" with my pre-verbal son. We sing together........literally all day long!! Even though, we're just about 1 month into our first semester, we're quite enthusiastic and plan to continue for the next few years!! I recommend the program very highly and without reservation!!"

Uche, mama to Colin, 14 mths

"We have loved our experience with Music Together! We began when my daughter was about a year old and are just now ending after she has turned three (and only due to a scheduling conflict). I have watched my daughter grow in musical competence and self-confidence. Most valuable, is that Music Together has given us a way to relate to one another--something that I think will stick with us forever. I feel that our daughter is able to sing and dance in other spheres because she grew to love it inside her class each week. We have always had class with Irene. She is a wonderful teacher. So kind and patient with the children!"


"Yes, it is pretty exciting [just finished 9th semester with Winter 2008 Sticks Collection]! Both boys have enjoyed MT since the start, but this semester was special because they both started singing the songs in the collection, starting with Don Alfredo Baila -- I thought it was interesting that Thomas would choose the Spanish song of all the choices, but I have to admit, it's a fun one. And, then of course, Pop goes the Weasel! And Alex will take a shoe off just so he can sing to himself "Deedle deedle dumpling my son Alex ..."

Even though music was an important part of my childhood, MT has really given me a new perspective on it and lowered my inhibitions, so now I'm not afraid to break into song anytime -- and I see my children doing that too. Ok, so we're the crazy family on the block, but who cares, we're having fun! Thanks for giving us that gift! We're looking forward to repeating the Maracas collection in a few weeks!"

Audra, mother of Thomas and Alex