Music Parties for Grown-ups

Do you want to sing show tunes around the piano, folk songs around the guitar, have a campfire experience in the middle of winter or in the summer, be a chorus for the night?

Party Package

We can have all the adults singing and making music to enhance your party.
We can be the party, teaching some songs, harmony, and parts.
We can bring instruments, and this can be tailored to a theme or style of music, too.


Prices vary depending on the time and the number of people, as well as how many music facilitators we send:

$250, 45 minutes 10-15 grownups,
$300, 45 minutes 16-20+ grownups,
$300, 60 minutes 10-15 grownups,
$350, 60 minutes 16-20+ grownups
$500, 2.5 hours (2-45 minute sessions)

Please contact Marsha at or call 773-288-3815 if you are interested in booking a Musical Party for Grown-ups.